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Nicole Gibson is a modern-day philosopher redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur. Obsessed by love’s power to effect change, Nicole’s focus is to facilitate a tipping point in human consciousness; to successfully actualise a civilisation of love by 2030.

Combining the intersections of visionary technology, transformative arts and complex systems thinking, Nicole is building a bridge to an entirely new way of living and being for humanity.

While leading events and facilitating experiences for over 1 million people, Nicole identified a code that unlocked humanity’s greatest potential. Spanning from the establishment of a charitable organisation, to becoming the youngest Commonwealth Commissioner in history, to launching a social movement with a reach across 40 countries; Nicole’s main preoccupation is to leverage love’s power to transform and scale it to 350 million people globally.

Listed as Australia’s top 100 most Influential Women, finalist for Young Australian of the Year and Pride of Australia Medalist, Nicole’s just getting started.

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When Nicole started facilitating sessions at Mindvalley events, it was like a fresh breeze coming through.

It’ s almost difficult to describe, but it was like she brought an energy of lightness into our programming. With Nicole’s sessions, attendees felt more connected to each other from the beginning and more open to the experience ahead of them. Nicole has a unique gift of creating a safe space for people to engage and connect on a level I’ve never seen one before.

Miriam Gubovic | Former Head of Author Relations – MindValley University

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